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Restaurante La Casona del Vino

Carretera General del Sur, 44

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38530

Telephone: (0034) 922500095

Maximum capacity 85 people


If you are looking for restaurants in Tenerife, we are in Candelaria and our speciality is Arroz Caldoso (brothy rice) with seafood and fish, but we also offer a large variety of canarian food, national and international dishes.

From 12:30 to 16:30

From 20:00 to 23:30

We close Sunday evenings and Mondays


We are a traditional-atmosphere canarian restaurant at Tenerife

La Casona del Vino, Tenerife

The building where is located the restaurant, has more than 100 years and has had a long history of diverse uses along that period. Initially, was built as a barn for the harvest and to keep farmer's animals safe.
Later and only in the latest 20 years, was converted to a recreational space. Now, in the latest nine years, it became a Restaurant.
Despite we offer typical canarian food, we also cook national and international dishes, and our own creations, which are a surprise for most of our clients.

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Variety of dishes

-Rioja- Salad

In our restaurant, we cook typical dishes of Tenerife and Canary Islands, meat, fish, vegetarian food. We have canarian and national wines, and a wide menu of the house made deserts that will rock your senses. We adapt the food for celiacs and other food intolerances without any problem. If you are looking for a restaurant where to enjoy eating at Tenerife, give us a chance.


Have a great time, while eating well

Arroz Caldoso (brothy rice) with seafood and fish

Our business philosophy is to offer quality to our customers in all the aspects of the restaurant. Not only in the food, but also offering a great attention, good installations and as well solving your doubts or attend you before and after your visit. To accomplish that, we have professional a staff, to offer the best attention and food, we adapt the restaurant to follow the local and national laws and we constantly little by little update the installations of the restaurant, making them more beautiful. We seriously take all all the reviews that come to us from all the platforms such internet or directly at the restaurant. Along our career, thanks to that factor, we could realize the importance of offering a personalized service and adopt the customer demands.


Picture of March!

Grilled grouper with papas arrugadas, Restaurant La Casona del Vino, Candelaria, Tenerife

Grilled grouper with papas arrugadas

A very typical Canary Islands dish.
The grouper dish is a white saltwater fish prized in the Canarian cuisine with mere taste like. Papas arrugadas (literaly translated Wrinkled potatoes) are an excellent typical Canarian garrison consisting of boiled potatoes with plenty of salt until they have a wrinkled appearance. Like equally with or without skin.



Tomate, cheese and avocado salad

We believe in technology as a good way to connect people.The final goal of technology is to create an stable, comfortable and continuous welfare of the society. And by technology we do not only talk about smartphones or entertaining devices, but also interesting productivity tools, communication, education, etc. In La Casona del Vino, we are focused in communicate using this website and the social networks, not only our products, but also our philosophy. See our Blog (in Spanish). The restaurants in Tenerife have taken a long time to incorporate technology to the restaurants, but in this last decade everything has changed and there are a lot of places that use for instance Facebook or apps to communicate the most interesting news about us. Talking about Fan Pages, we have some profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more. You can find the complete list in the Information Section of this website.

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Everything can be improved

Tenderloin with roquefort sauce
Every business can be improved. ALWAYS. In Tenerife, there is a large gastronomic offer and that is why our responsibility as restaurant is, if we want to be on the train, is to make better everything continuously. To goal this, we are in a Quality program called SICTED, (Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en Destino - Integral System of Touristic Quality in Destiny) which sets an standard in quality for all the clients. We deeply believe that to improve is the main priority for all the restaurants in Tenerife, whatever their quality level is, experience or background. This is so because in a world where people is nowadays so connected and informed, to be competitive is a must if our beautiful island still want to be a reference in the tourism industry.


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